We Are the Earthquake Generation

  It is 5pm in Boston and the people rushing home from work hardly notice how the  setting sun seems to hang on thehorizon. After several hours people start to wonder why darkness is not coming and they start to fear the faint dull roar they hear. Some also begin to feel light on their feet, whether from the giddiness induced by the prolonged twilight or from subtle gravitational and magnetic changes that the Earth's shifting in space is creating. Animals act skittish and then suddenly all start to move or migrate in the same direction. Then the sky reddens as huge clouds of dust begin to blot out the sun. Next, a steady wind starts to blow. As the wind strengthens, the faint dull roar heard earlier grows even louder as if the source were moving closer. But just then, a temporary stillness sets in and the air seems like it is being sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner. There is no sign of movement; all the animals are gone. After a few minutes, the winds are back even stronger. There are gusts up to 100 miles an hour. Trees are plucked out of the ground,and railroad trains are tumbled over and over and shuttled along like hockey pucks. As the wind jets up to over 200 miles an hour, buildings and everything above ground are decimated. The air becomes a thick mixture of dirt and debris. Those fortunate enough to be tucked away safely below the ground find the air hard to breathe since it is being drawn from the holocaust above. The wind chill factor has plummeted down to just above freezing, even though it is spring. There are almost continuous, grandiose electrical storms. Quakes and volcanoes are set off around the world and a rift opens up as the Earth splits in several places to relieve the stress caused by the shift. This holocaust goes on and on as if it is never going to stop: ten hours, fifteen, twenty, forty, forty-eight.Then suddenly the winds subside and material from the sky starts to come crashing down. For a few minutes it seems to be raining automobiles, boats, washing machines and kitchen sinks. The temperature comes back to normal for this time of year, a pleasant 50°F. But this temperature rise continues. By the next day, the third since the start of the shift, the temperature has hit 103°F, just what one would expect in equatorial Africa for this time of year ~ not Boston. From Boston to St. Paul to Seattle to Anchorage, out come the Bermuda shorts. Layers of mud spread for thousands of miles as a grim reminder of the holocaust. The decaying bodies of animals of every size and shape are found in the caves where they huddled together in their last moments.

 From We Are the Earthquake Generation ~ by Dr. Jeffery Goodman
          Then, one day, the poles shifted, melting the Glaciers of the Polar Zones and sending their mighty land into icy darkness, thus causing the Great Flood that was recorded in virtually every surviving historical record on Earth ~ for example, the story of Noah's Ark, among many others.