The Chosen Few 

  More than one group of people from around the world were saved by "Wisdom from Above." Some were, like Noah, instructed to build seaworthy craft while others were told to head for the hills. Still, few brought significant records of civilizations past with them ~ as far as we can trace. Almost. Two separate ships have been found in this century, in the highest mountains on Earth ~ one in Iran and one in the Himalayas of Tibet: the latter conforming exactly to Biblical descriptions of the Ark which transported "two by two" of each creature to safety. A cave opening in Peru, which the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu was built around, bears the legend of being the refuge of a small family, who survived the torrential deluge "the last time the world was destroyed." But not all shelters are completely hidden from view. The safest place to be in an earthquake, or flood, or even a nuclear holocaust may in fact be the oldest known man made structures on this planet ~ the Pyramids at Giza, in Egypt.   

 The Ark of the Covenant 

The sarcophagus of the King's Chamber within the Great Pyramid of Giza is made of the hardest stone known to Man and shaped so perfectly, precise duplication would be still impossible today ~ though we could come pretty close. Our hardest diamond tipped drills would be bested many hundreds of times over before the project was complete. The sides inside and out are perfectly straight, and smoother than glass, with tolerances in the micrometer range. One can only speculate that some sort of laser precision instrument or other disintegration device was used. Work of this kind is many millenia beyond the technology of pre Bronze Age Egyptian artisans. The bath tub sized box is the perfect fit for the Ark of the Covenant ~ and who wields the Ark, wields the power of God !   

 Guardians of the Ancient Knowledge

Many of the "powers that were" in those days had access to the finest repositories of knowledge in the world. Untold volumes containing centuries of controversial wisdom were kept hidden and circulated through underground communities of intellectuals. These "study groups" of supreme wisdom and long forgotten truths had found clever ways to store and communicate their vast knowledge to each other. One such organization was the Knights Templar ~ and among their legendary quests, resulting from all the books they'd read, were the Ark of the Covenant, King Solomon's Mines and the Holy Grail. It is assumed that their modern day counterparts, the Freemasons, are still in possession of these artifacts. The Knights Templar eventually went on to found Switzerland. But in the Middle Ages, their control was based on a more subversive concept: money. In fact, there was very little in the way of personal effects that the men who invented banking did not have access to, (or could not have if they wanted it bad enough). So although we cannot trace exactly where the artifacts and ancient sources may have laid hidden for all those long ages of primitive Man, the question of how they acquired their source maps may be answered. But why did they keep it a secret from the rest of the world, and what happened to the original maps ? In those days, as today, although money made the world go round, religion was what gave it the first big push ~ and the Roman Catholic Church was the major influence in Europe. Kings and even countries may come and go, but the real power in the Middle Ages was Rome ~ and even today the most modern, progressive, or radical interpretations of the Bible don't always accommodate the latest realizations of cutting edge science. To disagree with the Church was a dangerous idea ~ so real science had become a deadly business for the real intellectuals of the age. During the Inquisitions, just owning one of these books could easily get you excommunicated ~ or even, in the more stubborn cases, publicly executed ! But there was more than one major group of people on this Earth in possession of ancient sacred wisdom ~ and sometimes they would war with each other. But military power usually had to be obtained indirectly, through channels. In order to get troops they would need a king, and usually the best way to get to a monarch is through his deity. So, armed with knowledge to keep them safe from contemporary politically correct superstitions, they instead used Rome's fear of the devil as an excuse to finance their quests. Even the Crusades may have been just a cover for the Knights Templar to raid the Holy Land of "sacred" artifacts. When Napolean visited the Great Pyramid, he decided to spend the night in the King's Chamber, inside the sarcophagus, and emerged the next morning visibly shaken. If the Ark of the Covenant is a remnant of Atlantean technology, and the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber is its cradle, then it could be a kind of recharging center for it ~ using the pyramid's natural amplification of the Earth's magnetic field. This would explain the enormous ammount of damage that the sarcophagus sustained sometime in the distant past. There is a corner missing, maybe from when the Ark was removed by relatively primitive pyramid thieves. One now begs the question ~ what other such Holy Artifacts were hidden by the Ancient Astronauts ?