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Press Release:  05 MAY 2002
Dateline: Miami, Florida
Update on the Scott Stones Research:

       A myriad of fascinating new insights exploded into being, during the final months of 2001; say the Scott Stones Explorers and Research Team.  Brand new understandings concerning the Atlantean calendar system, the ancient Seal of Alta, as well as, the specifics and mysteries of the early history of the Giza Plateau were finally deciphered, they say.  The source of most of this new information, they explain, was a set of ancient Atlantean records discovered by the explorers, some years ago.  The researchers are also reporting that fascinating, new, detailed accounts have now been unlocked, which deal directly with the last days of Atlantis and the exodus of it’s peoples - plus their subsequent endeavors to integrate their culture and technology into that existing in various other nations at the time; especially that of Ancient Egypt.

       By implementing the teachings of Professor Scott; the researchers say, eventually, they acquired the expertise needed to crack open these valuable accounts that had remained sealed for so very long.  They say the accounts not only portray the progression of ancient civilization from the doomed strongholds of Atlantis into the far away land of Ancient Egypt, but also document the Atlanteans’ Herculean efforts to preserve their most valued historical chronicles.  They say the Atlanteans’ conscientious choice of a new and particularly special location was also described.  It was here that they hoped to reestablish their intellectual and spiritual activities; and bring them, once again, to fruition.  A combined array of efforts was being carried out in Ancient Egypt at this time by it’s native peoples, the current rulers, and those newly arriving from both Atlantis and elsewhere; and these are recorded in these accounts, say the researchers - including the story of those who actually held the authority of the “Royal Seal of Alta.”

       It all started, say the explorers, with their discovery of three strange sets of ancient records.  These unusual ancient records hailed from Atlantis, Egypt, and the Mesoamerican Area. The biggest surprise though, say the explorers, was finding that these widely separated records actually matched!

       Ultimately, three additional sets of records were proven to be in concurrence with the original triplet of matching records.  The famed Sais/Solon/Plato account was found to coincide, unequivocally, say the researchers, with the data that had been obtained from the original triplet.  They also say that their research confirmed, once and for all, that the classical account of Plato had truly been based on fact and that much of it could now, actually, be verified.  The original triplet of matching records, they say, proved beyond any doubt that Plato’s information had definitely come from records that would have been available in Ancient Egypt at the time.  By 1998, the Team confidently announced that the Legendary Atlantis described in the Sais/Solon/Plato account was definitely the very same Atlantis that had been revealed by the Scott Stones research and discoveries! – two sets of evidence; same Atlantis!

       As the Team continued to decipher the original triplet; they say that one thing became more and more apparent - something which, earlier, could only have been suspected. They say that a landslide of evidence began to emerge which proved that the readings of Edgar Cayce could also be, undoubtedly, linked with the information contained in the original triplet of matching records.  The full proof of this growing supposition emerged, according to them, only during the final weeks of December 2001.  Quite suddenly, as they relate it, they found themselves“swamped in an ocean of matching evidence that contained a massive concurrence of multiple verifications from seemingly diverse sources“ – a body of evidence that, they say, was to yield “a perfect synthesis of information on Ancient Atlantis and Early Civilization.”

       The researchers concede that the Cayce verification was, in reality, not the second, but actually the third concurring set of records that they had discovered.  Each of these concurrent sets showed matching, non-conflicting data; when compared with the original matching triplet.  The researchers say that, actually, the first set of concurrent records they had found that matched-up with the original triplet was the Biblical account!  They say that the strong and striking evidence in support of this verification was recovered from newly deciphered prophetic accounts, which the Scott Stones Team had unlocked from the original triplet.  Many of these prophetic accounts, they say, matched precisely with actual events that later unfolded in history – events which were clearly documented in the traditional Biblical account.

       So, as the explorers relate it, “With these three verifications, we now had an entire second layer or second triplet-set of concurring records; consisting of the Sais/Solon/Plato set, the Cayce set, and the Biblical set.  This second layer of records concurred on many specific points contained in the original triplet of matching records and were not found to contradict the original matching records in any way.”

       “Yes,” say the explorers, “there were now two triplet-sets of matching records which all merged harmoniously, in perfect unison; giving a ‘double triplet-witness;’ granting us a specifically integrated, overlapping, interlocking continuum of years that could ALLOW US TO BACKTRACK THROUGH TIME and pinpoint exact dates – many, many thousands of years ago.  These records can be, we emphasize, seamlessly integrated, in flawless perfection; providing NO LESS THAN ‘A HISTORY OF THE EARTH’ that stretches back to the days WELL-BEFORE the destruction of the original continent of Atlantis!”

       Initially, say the researchers, they had big plans to put out four or five more press releases before the end of 2001.  However, they say, they soon found themselves completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that was pouring forth.  They say this tsunami of information was all made possible by a singularly important breakthrough, which had been based solely on the teachings of Professor Scott.

       Knowledge compounds with time, say the explorers.  And, during the midst of the turmoil and trouble that was descending upon the world in October of 2001, they say, they crossed a major threshold; when they finally deciphered a crucial account from the ancient Atlanean records (see the 21 DEC 2001 press release) which described a “shifting of the poles” that occurred near the end of the last Ice Age.

       As they explain, this truly momentous breakthrough “literally threw open the doors of discovery;” suddenly allowing them to unlock many of the most complex accounts contained in the ancient Atlantean records.  It was especially remarkable, say the Team, in that it allowed them to finally synchronize and bring into perfect chronological accord a multitude of correlations that, together, formed what they have called “a consistent and superbly sublime synthesis – a virtual symphony of ancient historical truth!”

       On the first day of January 2002, the Team went ahead, just as planned, with it’s unilateral, prima facie, coup de grace, victory announcement!  “Sorry,” they say, “to those who could not be present; but everyone will be hearing more about this announcement in the coming days.  First, however, for those who may have already begun to sprout feathers or tails (or horns); now is a good time to grab them (if you haven’t already) – as we continue to catalog more of the astounding finds that occurred in 2001.

“During the second half of 2001, the Scott Stones Explorers and Research Team:

  • Plotted the entire boundaries of the former ‘Isle of Poseidon;’
  • Derived, from ancient cartographic data, the exact geographical location of the Capitol of Atlantis (with it’s Ringed Acropolis and Temples) - the ‘City of Poseidia;’
  • Derived, from ancient cartographic data, the exact geographical location of ‘Alta – the Ancient Records Repository’ for the entire Atlantean Empire;
  • Discovered the geographical locations and plotted the perimeters of both the ‘Isle of Og’ and the ‘Isle of ‘Aryan’ (see the press release from 24 DEC 2001);
  • Located the ‘Plains of Plato’ and the ’60,000 Lots’ which Plato had described;
  • Determined the submerged locations of many of Plato’s ‘Islands to the Mainland;’
  • Found the location of Cayce’s ‘Waters of Parfa’ – or as the explorers prefer, the ‘Bay of Parfa;’
  • Plotted the original layout of the internal districts or ‘Provinces of the Isle of Poseidon;’
  • Determined the actual location of various Atlantean ‘Mining Endeavors’ and the particular family line that had actually been responsible for many of these enterprises;
  • Discovered several of the ancient ‘Exports of the Isle of Poseidon;’ and even
  • Found distinct and tangible evidence of the Atlanteans’ famed ‘Technological Prowess.’

It had, indeed, been a busy year.  Never did we imagine that the last few weeks of 2001 would bring to light more information than had been uncovered in the previous several years, put together!

Following the all-important ‘Shifting of the Poles Breakthrough’ which greatly enhanced our ability to decipher the more complex accounts contained in the Atlantean set of records (see the press release from 21 DEC 2001), a flood of astounding revelations and discoveries all came tumbling unexpectedly to the fore.  Much was learned about the earlier history of Ancient Atlantis.  Many of the previously studied, yet still un-deciphered, accounts suddenly became totally comprehensible.  And, eerily, none of them seemed to be contradicting, in any way, the strange readings of Edgar Cayce!

       For instance, the very records of the Atlanteans, themselves, indicate that there had actually been a series of THREE MAJOR DESTRUCTIONS that ravaged their long-lived Empire!

      By using various sets of modern-day data and several priceless Atlantean maps; the researchers were, easily, able to determine the general BOUNDARIES of the ORIGINAL ANCIENT CONTINENT.

        Accounts from the Atlantean records definitively showed that, with the First Major Destruction, the original continent had SPLIT into FIVE MAJOR ISLANDS.  Three of these five former islands (Poseidon, Og, and Aryan) had, as stated, already been located - and their perimeters plotted.  Through further analysis, the researchers were successful in determining the approximate locations of the two other former (and still nameless) ancient islands that had come into existence followingthis First Destruction.

        With the coming of the Second Major Destruction; the records indicate that two of these five former islands (the two nameless ones) were swallowed by the sea – leaving only Poseidon, Og, and Aryan.

        Then, with the upheavals of the Third Major Destruction; the Atlantean records say that these final three major islands of the Empire (Poseidon, Og, and Aryan) met their demise.

        Fortunately, the Team was able to recover specific dates and particular historical events from these fascinating but tragic accounts of the destructions that befell the Atlantean Empire.  Amazingly, the dates documented in these ‘destruction accounts’ were found to COINCIDE EXACTLY with those given in the Cayce readings!  As for historical events, even THE MAJOR EVENT of 50,722 B.C. – of which Cayce had specifically spoken– was included!

      And just how can we specify a particular date so long ago – a precise date, such as 50,722 B.C.?  Well, easy!  As we’ve said, we now have multiple sets of ancient records that contain overlapping sets of years that allow us to backtrack through time.  Together, these records combine to form a running, seamless account that takes us back in history to a point well before the famous 50,722 B.C. event!  So, go right ahead (see the press release from 17 JULY 1999), you ‘tail-holding’ ‘known-it-all-alongers’: ‘CONFIRM OUR WORK’  – that is, if you can find any of the evidence!

        As for the rest, there simply is just no way, through press releases alone, that we could ever cover the vast amount of information that came gushing forth during the last few weeks of 2001 - suffice it to say, however, that much has been revealed about the final days of exodus from doomed Atlantis and about the valiant efforts of the many immigrants who were coming into Ancient Egypt at the time.  And, all of it, so far, has consistently confirmed that which was given in the strange readings of Edgar Cayce!

        One account of particular note (especially in light of the recent re-opening) documented the story of the original ESTABLISHMENT of the LIBRARY of ALEXANDRIA.  The records confirmed that this event occurred, precisely, IN 10,300 B.C.! - just as the Cayce readings had stated!  -- Got that tail?

        Previously, we’d mentioned that detailed accounts of specific individuals had been deciphered.  This is true.  Of course, there are still many accounts yet to be deciphered; so we don’t yet know them all, by a long shot.  But, for sure, accounts have already been opened (- better grab that tail -) which relate directly to several very interesting characters.  Which ones?  Well, how about RAAI and KINGS, ARARAT, ARART, ARAARAART, AARAT, RA-TA (including accounts of the rebellions that occurred in his days; as well as, his exile, return, and temple building activities), and HERMES – FOR STARTERS!! 

        Well, couldn’t you, at least, give us something that we haven’t already heard; something more about Atlantis and it’s history?  or, at least, produce some sort of tangible evidence – something that could make us believe?  Sure we could, but we won’t!  We’re not trying to make anyone believe.  We need help to finish this grand adventure, and we’re looking, strictly, for ‘faithe-ers!’  Cause, if you’re not willing to believe that Atlantis may have already been found, after all the claims that we’ve delivered over the past five years; then we’re not willing to trust you to help.  Again, we’re not trying to make anyone believe; we’re looking for those who do - ‘by faith.’  Besides, them ‘known-it-all-alongers’ done known all of this, all-along, anyway; so, they can all go back to sleep, now – lots of them are probably tired of holding their tails, anyway!

        Over the past five years or so, we’ve spent a lot of our time on the records.  And, now we can actually read them!  Of course, there are still many un-deciphered accounts; but, our top priorities for 2002 will, most likely, be shifting toward setting up New Expeditions to dive beneath the Majestic Seas - Expeditions to photograph and map the Ruins of Poseidia and the Ruins of Alta.  And, we’ll be looking for help.  Are there any ‘faithe-ers’ out there who might be interested?  Seems that most of the hard-core scientific types that we’ve contacted have proven ‘out right’ that they were totally unworthy of having any part, whatsoever, in this extraordinary adventure.  The late, Boris Said, was interested and had offered to help; but, alas, he has passed on to the other side.  Destiny, though, always makes a way.  So, we’re not worried.  Someone will rise to the occasion and will receive their just reward!

        Legendary Atlantis has been found, Plato’s Atlantis has been found, Cayce’s Atlantis has been found, and the Biblical links have been solidly confirmed - and we have the proof!  --  Now its Temple Time!

        Many have asked our opinion on the much publicized Canadian find between the Yucatan and Cuba.  For us, it’s been very interesting to observe the reactions of many of the ‘known-it-all-alongers,’ as they have speculated about whether or not this might actually be ‘Lost’ Atlantis – shows they never even had the slightest idea of the real location of Atlantis!  Why, it’s been a better ‘scorecard’ than anything we ever could have come up with or kept, ourselves.  A fine record has now been preserved for all to see!

        Atlantis isn’t lost!  It’s already been found!  And, we hold the opinion that the Canadian find - or one like it, soon - could turn out to be Cayce’s ‘Temple of Iltar.’  Personally, we’ve seen so much of what Cayce had to say - be proven absolutely correct - that we’ve almost come to expect it!  Whatever the Canadian discovery may be though, if anything at all, it is most definitely NOT Atlantis – nor any part thereof!

      Nevertheless, it’s high-time for the ancient temples to begin reappearing.  So, let’s hope that this Canadian find does turn out to be a much needed ‘jolt’ to history.  Our world keeps changing; but there are so many people who are bitterly reluctant to incorporate any new change.  Little wonder, that history moves on and leaves them behind!

      Stay tuned!  We’ll be having much more to say about the mysteries of Ancient Giza; and we’ll also be divulging the history-shattering message of the Coup de Grace Announcement that occurred earlier
  - back on January the first of 2002!”

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